Does Thread Count Matter?

To a point. What really matters is the quality of the yarn used in making the fabric, the weave, and the finishing of the fabric. Truth be told – a 500 thread count sheet made with 160s yarns in a tight weave [3 or 4 pick] would probably blow away most 800 or 1000 thread count sheets. It would also cost as much as your mattress.

So what’s a lay person to do? Well, if you want an 800 or 1000 thread count sheet, insist it be made with 100s yarns. Anything less, and the fabric could do double duty as a tent. Or you could sail your boat with it. Insist that the fabric be properly singed [singeing burns off the tiny fibers that can later turn into little fuzz balls].

At Echelon Home, we only sell sheets up to 800 thread count. Why not 1000? Well, to us it’s overkill. We strive to make a beautiful 800 thread count sheet with 100s yarns and feel that going to 1000 thread count adds nothing of value. There may be brands out there that make a beautiful 1000 thread count sheet using 160s yarns or maybe even 180s – but the price will jump exponentially to the point where it costs as much as a small car [Well, not really but you get the idea].

When it comes to duvets, we use only 300 thread count single pick fabric. Single pick ensures a tight weave and a smooth fabric that is necessary for printing designs. Some people may feel that a 300 thread count fabric is too light. But that’s kind of the point – people buy duvets because they are filled with down and thus are super light and keep you super warm. Down needs loft and you don’t want to weigh it down with heavy fabric.

So, if you want a beautiful sheet at an affordable price, our 800 thread counts are amongst the finest. And if you don’t agree, thanks anyway for reading. And remember, beware the plaudits of style pundits who know not of what they speak.